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ISF anti-domestic violence units


Under the patronage of the general director of the Internal Security Forces, Maj. Gen. Imad Othman, and in collaboration with Kafa organization, a graduation ceremony was held at the Institute’s premises in Aramoon for officers who completed a training session on supporting victims of domestic violence. The Commander of the ISF Institute, Brigadier Gen. Ahmad Hajjar, who represented Othman, said domestic violence is one of the main challenges facing ISF because of the difficulty in uncovering cases that are often kept hidden. He pointed out that the partnership between ISF and civil society organizations stems from the conviction that fighting domestic violence and other uncalled for phenomenon is a humane and legal duty that contributes to and promotes stability and security in society. Hajjar said many officers and generals have undergone intensive training on skills to ably take care of complaints of domestic violence, pointing to the latest achievements which included the completion of a rigorous workshop on conflict resolution and social guidance by some 64 female units. In a related vein, NCLW chief, Claudine Aoun Rukuz, stressed the need to set up a specialized police station for the protection of domestic violence victims. Zoya Rouhana, Kafa executive director, for her part, underlined the importance of constantly holding similar training courses which proved their efficiency. (Al Mustaqbal, November 6, 2018)

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