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Japanese geisha to the virtual world because of coronavirus


An Nahar newspaper yesterday spotlighted the Japanese Geishas and the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on their activity which pushed them to go online. Noting, that geishas are known in Japan as Geisha “Chacha” and they are skilled artists, athletes, musicians and dancers. The geisha, An Nahar wrote, perform the traditional dance carrying herself with grace while artfully fluttering her fan. The audience is usually older wealthy men, who watch the shows inside a traditional parlor lined with woven mats. But today, An Nahar went on to say, due to the coronavirus pandemic, customers watch geisha perform from the computer screen. The audience is no longer restricted to one category of people, but has become diverse, including women, children and entire families. The coronavirus was a major blow to the geishas who lost their income and are waiting impatiently for government aid, which brought up the idea of the online shows. (An Nahar, June 17, 2020)

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