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Jordan’s Jaber crossing reopens for Lebanese exports


The impasse of the Jaber crossing on the Jordanian borders seems to have been resolved (, as the Jordanian authorities announced on September 27 the resumption of land transport via its borders with Syria. Recalling, that the crossing has been closed for more than a month to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by long-distance truck drivers, according to the head of owners of shipping and transport companies in the Hashemite Kingdom, Daifallah Abu Akouleh. The crossing has reportedly reopened both ways to allow the passage of incoming and outgoing goods, as well as transit merchandise destined for GCC countries, Egypt and Iraq, in addition to shipments entering Jordan. However, the movement of passengers via the crossing has not been determined yet. Noting that, the Jaber border crossing picked up traffic at the end of 2018 after a 3-year closure due to the war in neighboring Syria, and opened for trucks only during the Covid-19 pandemic. Reminding, that the Jordanian authorities tended to open and close the crossing time after time recently ( / 2FLpFuI). Meanwhile, the head of the Beqaa Farmers Association, Ibrahim Tarshishi, welcomed the move by Jordan, expecting, in a statement released yesterday, that there will be no longer repeated closures of the borders which caused the destruction of hundreds of tons of agricultural products. He also hoped the Jordanian side will facilitate the passage of made-in-Lebanon goods without having to empty out the loaded shipments. ( Al Diyar, September 28, 29, 2020)

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