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Joyce Azzam conquers Everest summit at 5100 m


Lebanese climber Joyce Azzam continues her journey on Mount Everest (8,848 m) (c.f: After completing 6 out of 7 highest dream peaks reaching Mount Vison (4,897 m), Azzam made it to the 5,100 meters. Boasting to An Nahar newspaper the pride in conquering her aim, Azzam said she wants to inspire young people to chase their dreams. Azzam recounted to An Nahar the journey from the point of leaving Lebanese territory, to visiting the Nepalese minister of environment in Katmandu, and planting a cedar tree under his patronage. The second tree she said she planted in the outskirts of the city about 2 hours from the capital, at an orphanage in the Himalayas. On April 4, Azzam went on to say, she set on her trek to the world’s highest summit. “We took a 6-hour bus ride to Ramanchap in Nepal. The next day we flew to Lukla, an area whose airport is considered the most dangerous due to the rugged terrain, and from there we started to walk uphill. Each night we spent in a different area, until we finally made it to the 5,100 meters.” (An Nahar, April 12, 2019)

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