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Jumana Haddad on Seven’s Party electoral list


After journalist Paula Yacubian, Princess Hayat Arslan and activist Zoya Ruhana, the journalist and poet Jumana Haddad announced that she will be running for the minority seat in Beirut 1st Constituency with the Seven Party and on the same electoral list with Yacubian (Armenian Orthodox), Al Hayat reported. Both women are running in the elections according to a secular, civil and social agenda, although they have to concede to the essentially confessional seat system. Fresh blood should be pumped into the “People’s Assembly” to create a positive shock, Haddad maintained, noting the urgency of changing the notion of candidacy and expanding the scope of secular and civil representation. Meanwhile, Nadwatul Ibdaa organized yesterday a talk entitled ‘the participation of women in the Parliament is a requisite’, during which it presented a group female nominees for the upcoming elections. Salwa Khalil, the director, pointed out that women’s political involvement is a natural right given them by the Constitution which guarantees equality to all citizens in rights and duties, without gender preferences. The marginalization of women is a result of the outdated patriarchal mindset, Khalil said. On the other hand, the president of the Lebanese Council of Women, Iqbal Dughan, outlined the Council’s agenda for the coming period, highlighting, the study of the new electoral law, detecting the points of strength in women and encouraging them to run for elections, reassuring the women of Lebanon to vote for lists that include women and to boycott of lists that exclude women. (Al Hayat, Al Mustaqbal, February 13, 2018)

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