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KAFA’s campaign against personal status law


On the event of the International Women’s Day, Kafa, Enough Violence & Exploitation organization released a trailer for the documentary ‘Against Me’ depicting the impact of the sexist and discriminatory personal status law on Lebanese women. The film narrates the stories of 7 women from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds who advocate the scrapping of the patriarchal and confessional personal status laws and enactment of a united civil personal status system that treats every one equally. Commenting on the film, Kafa media officer, Diala Haidar, said the country has some 15 laws on personal status, and this subject has always been a challenge, a bitter one, in the Organization’s struggle. However, Haidar added, there is always a starting point. What was a taboo in the past is currently a subject of controversy, she said, stressing a determination to break the taboo. On the other hand, the General Directorate of Personal Status at the Interior Ministry issued on March 8 a Memo No. 23/2 asking the different civil registries to accept the requests to re-register widows under the names of their parents, provided the applications are submitted in person by the widower herself and that she has no children from her deceased husband. (Al Mustaqbal, L’Orient Le Jour, March 12, 13, 2018)

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