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Kafa sit-in to demand speedy trial of women's killers


Kafa Enough Violence Organization held a sit-in yesterday in solidarity with mothers of victims of domestic violence to urge the judiciary to expedite the trial of killers of their daughters. It should be noted that three of the convicts have been released, including the culprit accused of killing Roula Yaqoub who was reduced to a ‘nonsuit’ lawsuit with all proceedings stopped. During the protest, protesters carried banners reminiscing the lives of women killed in cold blood by their husbands. They called attention to the indecisive attitude of the relevant authorities in prosecuting the criminals who committed up to 21 crimes from 2013 to date. Kafa also handed a letter to the director general of the Justice Ministry, Maysam Noweiri, in the presence of the parents of victims. The letter said, “We chose the occasion of Mothers' Day to remember the mothers who were slain inside their homes and in front of their own children, and mothers who were denied the joy of celebrating this occasion because of the loss of their daughters as a result of the dominant patriarchal culture that always finds a way to commute felons.” (As Safir, Al Mustaqbal, March 22, 2016)


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