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Kafa: Violence against women on the rise because of COV-19 pandemic


Al Diyar published a special feature on the coronavirus pandemic and violence against women, based on a survey which showed a surge in the rate of reporting gender-based violence incidence with the start of the lockdowns. The newspaper cited an ISF report for July and August which showed a rise by 122% in this regard. It also referred to another survey by Kafa Enough Violence and Exploitation which noted, that during the month of October 2020 alone, the organization received around 1024 calls, including 100 calls reporting abuse by the husband, 24 calls by a family member, 14 calls by the divorced spouse and 9 calls from outside the family. The geographical distribution of users of the Kafa Support Center pointed out that 38% of cases were documented in the Mount Lebanon governorate, 20% in Beirut, 19% in Beqaa, 17% in North Lebanon and 6% in the South. (Al Diyar, December 5, 2020)

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