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Kleiat Airport will create 5,000 jobs


Within the continuous effort to promoting the economic role of the northern capital, the former Civil Aviation Authority director, Hamdi Showk, revealed a study on the projected Kleiat airport, that shows that the 10 million and 452 square meter airfield boasts the features of the smart and environment-friendly facility which includes various logistical services required by the international air transportation system. Similarly and during his participation on February 16 in a seminar, ‘President Rene Mouawad Airport (Kleiat): A development gear and a national need’, Showk underlined the importance of human capacities to operate the airport, saying it could provide around 5,000 jobs. Regarding the port of Tripoli, the minister of transportation and public works, Youssef Finianos, discussed last month with a delegation of Gulftainer, container terminal at Tripoli Port, expanding the berth of the terminal from 600 to 1050 meters so that it can handle the growing number of containers that presently total some 10,000 containers per month. (Al Diyar, February, 17, 19, 21, 27, 28, 2019)

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