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Labor ministry closes violating MWDW recruiting offices


The minister of labor, Mohamad Kabara, issued a circular yesterday asking the Labor Inspection, Prevention and Safety Department in Beirut and municipal authorities in the governorates, each according to its respective competence, to summon for investigation all offices recruiting migrant domestic workers that are in violation of the ministry’s regulations. The ordinance involves any agency found to be leasing its license to others, directly or indirectly, or putting prior approvals at the disposal of others, with charge or without charge, or acting as a cover for illicit offices, companies or individuals, or forcing MWDWs to pay certain allowances or infringing on any other provision of the said decision. The violating parties will be questioned and all documents proving their defraudation will be seized and the appropriate measures be taken against them that could help the investigation. To note, a number of offices were suspended from work to this effect. (Al Mustaqbal, March 8, 2018)

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