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Launch of the campaign to regularize Syrian businesses in the Bekaa and testimonials of Syrians suffering from oppression in Lebanon


An Nahar newspaper published an article yesterday covering the launch of the campaign seeking to regularize Syrian businesses in the Bekaa.  The report included highlights of the situation of Syrian businesses as well as testimonials of Syrian holders who shared their dismay with the decision calling for the closure of their businesses and livelihoods.  The report highlights confusion with dates since the memorandum in force at the Shtoura police centre calls for an immediate closure of businesses opened by Syrians since the start of the Syrian crisis because they have entered the country as displaced while giving all other Syrian businesses until the end of August to regularize their situation.  However, and according to a number of Syrians, the implementation of the memorandum was rather chaotic and according to the way it was understood by the law enforcers.  In many cases, businesses enjoying the exact same situation were given different notices and treatments.
The report also shows that troupes pertaining to the economy directorate are strolling the streets and alleys of villages and towns in the Bekaa to document and register all Syrian businesses in a desperate attempt to list all these businesses, as many Lebanese are, according to the report, providing false information.
On a related vein, the Lebanese government has started implementing new and tougher security measures on the border crossings including Masnaa, Aboudieh, and Arida, and which entail thorough verifications of IDs of incoming Syrians, so as to limit the infiltration of terrorist groups and others who are antagonistic to the Lebanese army and security forces.  In addition, entry to Lebanon is now limited to those carrying valid IDs or passports as well as affidavits indicating whether the person is a displaced or a worker in a Lebanese enterprise.
Furthermore, was formally confirmed that the Lebanese authorities have extended the deadline for regularizing the legal situation of Syrian businesses until August 31st instead of the 15th in order to allow business holders to secure needed registrations.
Source: Al-Nahar 31 July 2013

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