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LCU annual Career Fair 2019


The Lebanese Canadian University (LCU)- Aintura inaugurated on Friday its annual career fair 2019 which has become a regular platform for employers to meet young graduates. More than 30 companies and establishments participated in the event, in addition to an outstanding presence of the public sector in an attempt to encourage students to enter security and Army ranks. On the occasion, LCU president, Dr Roni Abi Nakhleh, said that the Lebanese youth is currently passing through difficult times. Fresh graduates who worked hard during college years to build a social and professional future eventually discover that employment opportunities are limited in the country, Abi Nakhleh maintained. Yet despite all this, “We, at LCU, seek to remain a glimpse of hope for our students and young generation of men and women,” he said. Abi Nakhleh also stressed that the career fair has become a yearly space for students to learn hands on about the public and private sector prospects and invest what they learned to meet the labor market requirements. (Al Diyar, April 8, 2019)

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