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Lebanese businessman and women call for an economic rescue plan


The Gathering of Lebanese Businessmen and Businesswomen (RDCL) urged on October 31 the international community, specifically international donors, to support Lebanon in order to prevent its total collapse. To this effect, RDCL proposed the following: 1) inject foreign currency liquidity in the Lebanese markets; 2) assist in reducing interest rates; 3) create an international structure and fund to strengthen Lebanese importers and facilitate their repayment to foreign suppliers in the local currency; 4) develop a mechanism and a strategic steering committee which includes the international community, the World Bank, IMF and donors, international financial auditing companies, Lebanese civil society, the business sector and representatives of the legislative and executive authorities to attract the projected funds from donor countries and inject them in the local market; 5) immediate launch of privatization undertakings, and 6) embark on preparations for CEDRE projects through the caretaker government. (Al Diyar, November 1, 2019)

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