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Lebanese geneticist, first Arab woman nominee for Medical Nobel Prize


Lebanese born American physician and researcher, Hoda Hibri Zoghbi is among the laureates for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2020, making her the first Arab woman to likely receive the award this year, An Nahar reported yesterday. Recalling, Zoghbi, born in Beirut, enrolled AUB's medical school in 1975 and left to the US one year later with the start of the Lebanese Civil War. Zoghbi is a professor at the departments of pediatrics, human genetics and neurology, and teaches neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas. She is a researcher at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and runs Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. She founded her own lab to discover neurodevelopmental disorders that affect children, namely RETT syndrome, that primarily affects girls in their early years. (An Nahar, October 8, 2020)

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