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Lebanese Parliament launches two studies on creation of employment for Lebanese youth and strengthening their political participation


The Lebanese Parliament, in collaboration with the UNDP launched, on the occasion of the international democracy day, two studies the first entitled “role of the Parliament in strengthening youth’s participation in political parties and parliamentarian elections” and the second entitled “Role of Parliament in Creating Work Opportunities for Lebanese Youth”.
The studies came as a result of a series of workshops organised by the parliamentary commission for youth and sports during the months of June and July 2013 with the participation of heads and members of youth organisations, as civil society organisations and representative of the youth branches of various political parties.
The president of the Parliamentary Commission for Youth and Sports, Simone Abi Ramia spoke during the commemoration event about the need to strengthen the employment and job market and invited parliamentarians to overcome current political differences and start working hand in hand in order to economically protect the youth and strengthen the employment market with a number of legislations.  He also emphasised the importance of reforming the constitutional decree establishing the national employment office so as to enable it to become the main regulator of the job market and to protect Lebanese labour.
Abi Ramia indicated that the role of parliament in mainstreaming young people in political life is key and includes the enactment of a new electoral law that can truly reflect popular will and that of the youth as well as the development of a new law to regulate political party and so as to encourage diversity.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Safir 18 September 2013

To review the previous workshops held by the Parliamentary Commission for Youth and Sports:
Towards a parliamentary road map to create job opportunities for young men and women”, Published on the WEEPortal, on 19/7/2013
The role of Parliament in employment of young women and men in Lebanon”, published on the WEEPortal on 5/6/2013

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