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Lebanese Vinifest 2019 from 2-5 October


The minister of economy, Mansour Bteish, announced the opening of the 12th edition of the Lebanese Wine Festival, Vinifest, 2019 (from October 2 to 5) at the Hippodrome of Beirut, anticipating a large participation despite the precarious economic situation. Bteish revealed that China will be the guest of honor this year to learn about the Lebanese wine production in preparation for entering the market. The minister also pointed out that the domestic food producing sector, including wine, stands out globally, stressing the need to strengthen its production and marketing here and abroad. Known as the largest vine festival in the Middle East, the 4-day event, according to An Nahar, is expected to attract some 30,000 oenophiles from Lebanon and outside. It gives showgoers the chance to taste an assortment of Lebanese wines and discover novel brands produced by wineries across the country,that are not widely known, in addition to the famous Lebanese wines. (An Nahar, Septembe 21, 2019)

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