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Lebanese women MPs’ agendas


Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in collaboration with Smart Center organized on Friday the first talk with female members of the Parliament to discuss their national programs with the participation of students from the debate clubs at the different Lebanese universities. MPs taking part in the debate were, Inaya Izzedine representing Speaker Berri, Bahiya Hariri, Paula Yacubian, Dima Jamali and Rula Tabsh. The representative of Konrad in Lebanon, Malte Gaier, stressed the need to activate the role of youth in the political, social and public life in the country. MP Izzedine pointed out that, the empowerment of women and young people was no longer a luxury, noting that investment in these two components and empowering them to engage in the development process is a requisite for achieving solid progress in the areas of development and stability. Likewise, MP Hariri pointed to her role in the Legislature and her dedication to youth, sustainable development and education in this regard. Yacubian touched for her part on the participation of women in political and legislative life and on the women representation quota, leaving Jamali to highlight the role of the private sector and underline the importance of the Cedar donor conference. Jamali also called for the adoption of laws to support women, put an end to violence against them and grant them the right to confer nationality to their family members, with a special attention to the rights of persons with special needs. MP Tabsh, for her part, talked about the Cedar Conference, demanding the endorsement of fundamental schemes, related to electricity, water and transportation. She also tackled the status of women and their legislative functioning, hoping that the ministry of state for women’s affairs would become a real government ministry, and emphasized the significance of the women’s quota. (Al Mustaqbal, June 22, 25, 2018)

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