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Lebanon economic crisis: Industrialists to escalate, private business towards civil disobedience


After the industrial associations set off the alarm bell about the calamitous economic situation (, the head of the Lebanese Industrialists Association, Fadi Gemayel, warned yesterday of escalation if the raw material needed to keep the vital sector going was not provided. He revealed that the stocks are being depleted putting in jeopardy thousands of factories and threatening scores of workers with lay off. He appealed to Banque du Liban to set appropriate mechanisms that will secure credits for the import of medicine, fuel and wheat. Meanwhile, some 1000 private sector firms and companies have called for a meeting in Downtown Beirut declaring ‘civil disobedience’ which involves refusal to pay taxes to the state, and installments and interests to banks. The priority, participants in the meeting said, should be channeled to secure the wages of employees and their families. In a related development, and following the syndicate of bakeries decision to cut the weight of the bread pack (, the Consumers Protection Bureau described yesterday that said decision as a form of civil disobedience which repeats itself when the price of subsidized flour increases. It demanded an urgent meeting of the National Consumer Protection Council, suspended for years, to find a sustainable solution to the real threat to the poor. It should also discuss measures to relieve the serious crisis currently facing the Lebanese. (Al Akhbar, Al Diyar, December 12, 2019)

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