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Lebanon is reconsidering MWDW sponsorship system


The minister of labor, Kamil Abu Sleiman, on July 26 visited ILO offices in Beirut to follow up discussions on the kafala (sponsorship) system in Lebanon. Noting, that under the kafala system, the legal residence of migrant women domestic workers is restrictively subject to a contracted relationship with the employer giving him almost complete control over the life and mobility of the MWDW. Abu Sleiman chaired a meeting which included ILO Regional Director for Arab States, Ruba Jradat, as well as representatives of a number of concerned local and international organizations. Meetings to this effect have been underway to submit proposals aimed to modify the sponsorship system in the country, which is tantamount to modern slavery, as Abu Sleiman described it. During the meeting, the labor minister reiterated his rejection of the continued inhuman treatment of many migrant domestic workers, stressing that he will continue to take immediate measures in the event of any assault against an MWDW. (Al Diyar, July 28, 2019)

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