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Lebanon refuses to grant diplomatic residency to same sex partner


The Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon, Emmanuelle Lamoureux, denied news published by Al Akhbar about her request to the Lebanese foreign ministry to grant her same sex partner a residency in the country similar to that given to wives and spouses of diplomats. Lamoureux’s brief response came yesterday after her meeting with minister Jibran Bassil. She said she did not want to elaborate on the matter, maintaining that her CV is available and accessible, and it clearly states that she has been married for years and has three children of her own. Citing foreign ministry sources, L’Orient Le Jour newspaper said that the ministry has received similar requests to grant same sex partners of diplomats residency permits, but that the ministry has consistently refused to do so under the pretext that the Lebanese Penal Code prohibits homosexual relations. (L’Orient Le Jour, August 10, 2018)

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