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Lebanon at Seoul 2018 Tourism and Culinary Festival


The Lebanese Embassy in South Korea was present last Saturday at the Seoul 2018 Tourism and Cuisine Festival organized by the Municipality of Seoul. The Lebanese pavilion was devoted to showcase traditional handicrafts and distribute flyers about tourism in Lebanon. This year’s exhibition aims to introduce international cuisine to the Korean community with the participation of some 80 countries from around the world and an estimated 150,000 visitors. The Lebanese pavilion had a remarkable presence, with a Phoenician spirit, displaying statues of Phoenician sailors of various sizes, in addition to paintings engraved with the Phoenician alphabet and models of ships built by Phoenicians. To note, that the Lebanese embassy is taking part in various activities throughout September aimed to provide courses in traditional Lebanese cuisine by the embassy chef to his Korean peers in order to familiarize them with Lebanese cooking. These activities are part of efforts by the embassy and the Lebanese foreign ministry to promote made-in-Lebanon products of olive oil, wine and agri-food products, in the framework of minister Jibran Bassil’s initiative ‘Tasty Lebanon’. (Al Diyar, September 3, 2018)

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