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LEDA-Beqaa organizes a seminar on organic farming in Rashayya


The Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA) in Baqaa organized in collaboration with the Federation of Jabal el Sheikh Municipalities, a seminar on organic farming which was held yesterday in Rashayya. The event included lectures by agronomist Tony Hajjar who spoke about the principles of organic farming and how to transform into it.  Hajjar considered that organic farming is an eco system to manage agricultural production and its main aim is to improve the health and productivity of communities which is linked with the life of the soil, vegetables, animals and human beings. Other speeches included a contribution by the municipal head of Ayn Atta and General Secretary of the Federation, Talee3 Khoder, the president of the Federation, Marwan Zaki, LEDA technical and operations director, Ali Abed el Kareem Abu Ali and LEDA-Beqaa Board Chair, Kamal Saikaly who spoke about LEDA’s current projects.
Source: Al-Diyar 30 October 2014

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