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Less than one third of Lebanese students in public schools!


In its issue of today, Al Akhbar newspaper wrote that the total number of students for the academic year 2018-2019 stood at 1,076,616 students. The preliminary figures of pre-university education published by the Center for Educational Research and Development, the newspaper said, has shown that the rise in the number of registered students in public schools in the current academic year did not exceed 0.41% compared to last year. Figures also showed a surge in the number of Syrian refugee students enrolled in the afternoon program, a slight increase in student count in private schools against a small decline in semi-private schools. According to Al Akhbar, the distribution of students in the education sectors for the current academic year came as follows: 334 thousand and 536 students (31.07%) in state schools; 565 thousand and 593 (52.51%) in private schools and 140 thousand and 312 students (13.03%) in private-free schools and 36,375 students (at 3.37%) in schools run by the UNRWA. (Al Akhbar, February 28, 2019)

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