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Lifting the minimum recruitment age of Sri Lankan women migrant workers to 23 years; for protection or to improve performance? || Newspapers (Arabic)


Lebanon continues to uphold degrading trafficking practices with migrant domestic workers.  Indeed, the current Sri Lankan Minister of Labor declared after a meeting with Lebanese minister of Labor, Selim Jreissati that “there is no ban on the travel of Sri Lankan domestic workers to Lebanon.  On the contrary, we will be seeking to improve their conditions and work experience and will be lifting their travel age from 21 to 23”.

But for his part, the General Director of the Ministry of Labor noted in an interview with the An Nahar daily that lifting the age of travel and recruitment of Sri Lankan migrant workers will “allow her to have had more experience in life and better potentials for coping with employers”.  He also added that this will allow “Lebanese employers to have better performance from domestic workers with higher qualifications”!?
Source: Al-Nahar 2 February 2013

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