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Livelihoods in Lebanon: Gas and fuel shortages, procrastination in meeting tenants’ rights


The head of the Syndicate of Owners of Petrol Stations, George Brax, said there is a significant shortage in diesel fuel delivered by importing companies, stressing that the amounts at hand in the fuel installations do not cover local market needs. He revealed that the crisis is fabricated by delivering companies in preparation for a price hike influenced by the recent developments in the region. On the other hand, Brax reassured the Lebanese that the diesel will not be completely cut off, but that there will be quantity shortages. He justified this by the increasing demand from citizens in the winter season and the parallel demand from the owners of private generators due to the mounting energy rationing enforced by the Electricity of Lebanon. In this respect, Al Akhbar daily, citing the director of ‘Sabra and Hamdan’ gas distribution company, Ali Hamdan, warned of an imminent gas crisis. The stalemate, Hamdan explained, began a week ago when gas packaging firms reduced the wholesale order quantity of gas flasks and charged distributors purchasing remaining quantities at the retail price. On another front, following an appeal by the committees of tenants in Lebanon to adjust the rent law corresponding to the current economic situation, ( , the parliamentary administration and justice committee yesterday discussed said law in terms of residential and non-residential areas. The head of the committee, George Adwan, stressed that as conditions are difficult today due to the inability to secure required funds to implement the prevalent laws, the committee shall work seriously and come up with new proposals to this end in approximately one month. (Al Diyar, Al Akhbar, An Nahar, January, 8, 9, 2020)

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