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Local economic initiatives in Bint Jbeil, Saida and in Rashaya el Fukhar


As part of efforts aimed to boost local economic activities, the minister of industry in the caretaker government, Hussein Haj Hassan, inaugurated yesterday the first Khan el Saboun exhibition in Bint Jbeil organized by Eco-Village Bader Hasoun. Haj Hassan hoped on the occasion that the conditions of agriculture and industry will improve under the new government, pointing specially to the unfavorable foreign competition and internal hindrances that have faced the industry sector during the successive governments. The minister demanded setting up an integrated and comprehensive economic strategy and a long term economic program dedicated to agriculture and industry. Haj Hassan further maintained that Lebanon’s economy depends generally on cross border transactions between neighboring countries, namely Syria, stressing the need to strengthen relations with Syria, Iraq and Jordan. On the other hand, Future MP Bahiya Hariri, sponsored on Friday the Saida Food Festival organized by La Salle Venue, Rmeileh for the second year (July 26- 29) with the participation of over 30 culinary establishments, eateries and associations showcasing their food, confections, juices, ice cream and frozen desserts. Hariri lauded the festival, noting the diverse activities the city will be celebrating next month, including sports, cultural and heritage events with the aim to revive life in the southern capital. Meanwhile, the Professional Cooperative for Producing and Marketing Pottery in Rashaya el Fukhar organized its annual summer festival this past weekend which commenced this year with a training workshop on how to make handmade pottery, a craft form famous in the area. To note, the above cooperative was founded three year ago with the aim to preserve the endangered pottery craft and encourage emerging artisans and young people to acquire it and invest in it as a collective heritage and an income generating trade. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Akhbar, July 29, 30, 2018)

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