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Local initiative to boost Lebanese food security


The Lebanese National Energy (LNE) organization working in the field of human and economic development, announced in a statement yesterday that it has launched earlier in April called “Amnak al Ghizai Amno” (Secure Your Food Security) initiative to boost national food security. LNE to this end has distributed trees and more than 19,000 packs of multiple seeds in various Lebanese regions as a contribution to increasing individual agricultural produce to face the growing food crisis. The LNE statement also revealed that more than 50 young men and women have joined the “Jayeen Niqtof Sawa” campaign to experience the farm and back to the roots life in support of cherry growers in the Upper Matn areas last Saturday and Sunday. The LNE, according to the statement, aims to provide technical support through a workshop run by specialists in collaboration with Rene Mouwad Foundation; ease financial burdens through assisting in the picking season; highlight the need to create seasonal jobs for the Lebanese youth; prop internal eco-tourism and promote the role of women in rural areas with focus on the Lebanese kitchen through a rural dinner featuring home-made products. (Al Diyar, June 22, 2020)

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