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Local initiatives to boost agriculture


A meeting was held Saturday at the Bcharre Municipal Palace to discuss community and individual agricultural initiatives and their practical impact on the farmers of the Caza. Participants called for coordination among all local stakeholders to confront the distressing economic and living conditions the country is going through. It was agreed to form an agricultural follow-up committee to support farmers and spread awareness on good agricultural practices and extension to the end of increasing crop production, improve its quality and reduce water waste. Concurrently, the Chouf Cedar Reserve announced the launch of multiple initiatives to promote home gardens and the cultivation of long-neglected lands to face food insecurity and scarcity of resources this year and keep the wheels of economy turning. A number of guidelines were issued by the Reserve wishing the local residents and farmers to observe. These include, cutting down on excessive use of household water in order to use for irrigation; the adoption of drip irrigation and the use of natural organic and not chemical nutrients for crops. Similarly, former minister Hassan Murad said in a tweet: “A nation that is dependent on its land does not starve. It eats what it grows.” To this effect, around 100,000 seedlings were distributed among families wishing to eat what they grow. (Al Diyar, May 18, 2020)

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