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Made in Iran saffron seeks global competition


AFP published a feature on Iranian saffron which is considered a vital national resource in the country as it produces nearly 90% of the herb around the world. The saffron harvest season lasts only 10 days during the month of November where flowers blossom ready to be picked. Then comes the delicate process of removing stamens from saffron petals, an activity done mainly by women either at their home or in a factory. The price of one kg of saffron in local markets is more than 600 euros, and the price could increase 10 or 20 folds for the exported spice. AFP said, that in the absence of proper promotion and publicity, Iranian saffron does not seem to be familiar to people abroad, as the largest part of domestic production is exported wholesale to countries that reprocess them according to their needs. The CEO of Novin Saffron, Ali Shariati, is campaigning for ‘Made in Iran’ motto, yet the mission is tough, he maintained, given the major export markets have their own needs for the spice. Spain for example, wants the powder for paella, Britain is after the entire threads for Indian cuisine and Sweden wants tiny amounts to use for seasonal treats, Shariati explained. He finally pressed for innovating and adapting production to compete with the marketing in other countries. (Al Mustaqbal, November 29, 2018)

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