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A man defenestrates his wife in Bshamoon while the trial of husband of deceased Manal Assi is postponed


Following a domestic fight, a man defenestrated his wife in Bshamoon and went to sleep afterwards despite his wife’s cries of pain. According to neighbors and Kafa association, this was not the first time that the woman was abused and hit by her husband. Within the same vein, the Beirut Criminal Court decided to postpone the trial of Mohammed Nuheili for the murder of his wife Manal Assi on February 3rd 2014.  After noticing that the prosecuting witness who prepared the initial investigation record in the crime did not show up, the jury president decided to adjourn the court session until next June. The Court has earlier questioned Nheili who recounted details of the incident denying any intention of murder. During the hearing of his testimony, the plaintiff’s brother said that Manal was completely battered when he reached her house, while one of Manal’s sisters said for her part that she saw the blood on her sister’s body that was lying dead on the floor. (LBCI, Al Mustaqbal, 24 April 2015)

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