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Marital relationships in drama series: full-scale portrayal of extra-marital affairs 


In its issue of today, An Nahar newspaper spotlighted marital affairs in three drama series currently aired on TVs. The featured episodes, according to An Nahar, drive us to break free from all socializing and interpersonal relations as they sustain immense extra marital affairs, double-dealing and back-stabbing. In the details, the newspaper analyzed three models of failed marriage relationships, exposed or disguised under the veil of lies. The woman in the first series, “Children of Adam”, is presented as extremely naïve, softie and kind-hearted, the fact that causes her harm. She is deceived by a husband who plays the role of a dutiful and respectful community figure, while in reality he is a big cheater and hypocrite, the newspaper wrote. And while In the second series, “If we did not meet”, the husband views his partner as a piece of furniture, in “Bardaneh Ana”, the husband is portrayed as boasting all the power and authority unlike his wife, who is completely neglected and mistreated. Her existence as a woman is annihilated and appropriated. To conclude, An Nahar stressed that a life like this under one roof is disastrous. (An Nahar, May 13, 2020)

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