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Maronite Court has powers to hear civil marriage cases


During his visit to the Maronite Spiritual Court yesterday, Maronite Patriarch, Bishara Rai, issued a circular to be executed involving marriage-related lawsuits and the implications of civil marriage in Maronite courts. In the directive, which will be put in effect as of March 18, 2019, Rai explained that, when a Maronite court looks into cases of desertion or marriage annulment, ruling on civil marriage provisos become part of its power: like for example, alimony, compensation and the right to custody and seeing the children. The circular expounded the concept and types of alimony as seen by the Maronite courts, which cover the provision of food, clothing and housing, hospitalization and medical treatment, service for the elderly as well as education for children. The circular also tackled the legal addressing of marriage terms (rights and duties), pointing out that such cases are considered urgent compared to the original lawsuit which is the desertion or end of the marriage contract between couples. These, Rai stressed, should be resolved during the proceedings before the pronouncement of the verdict in the original lawsuit. (For the full circular in Arabic, kindly visit the following link: Rai said the heads of the registration bureau at the Unified Court of First Instance and at the Patriarchal Court of Appeal must submit all required documents and copies of them to the chief of registry to accelerate the pronouncement of verdicts. He also asked lawyers to formulate a petition of the lawsuit and briefing of hearings to avoid unnecessary information. (Al Diyar, March 14, 2019)

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