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A meeting at the “May Chidiac Institute” on the situation of women in Lebanon and their role in politics and in the economy || Newspapers (Arabic)


The May Chidiac Media Institute organized a meeting on the role of women in Lebanon especially in politics and in economic life as part of the institute’s programme to support the right of women.  The meeting was attended by French author Elisabeth Badinter, the ex Minister of Finance Rayya al Hassan, the director of the Institute of Political Sciences, Fadia Kiwan, the vice president of Fransabank, Rayya Raphael, activists and media consultant Asma Andraos in addition to Hala Fadel of the Technology Institute and Lamya Bsat of the Bassel Fleihan Finance Institute.  During the meeting, each participant shared her own experience as well as the legal and social challenges she faced in their career path and how these may have negatively affected their personal lives. Chidiac concluded the meeting by criticizing the limited representation of women and reiterated the commitment of her organization to women’s issues in Lebanon and the region through the organization of activities related to the impact of the Arab spring on women.

Source: Al-Mustaqbal 14 January 2013

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