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A meeting in Halba on registering marriage contracts


The Akkar Network for Cooperation, in coordination with Heartland Alliance International, organized yesterday a discussion meeting under the title ‘Registration of Marriage Contracts as a Religious and Social Obligation’ at Halba Town Hall. The purpose of the UNICEF supported event was to shed light on the various negative repercussions of not registering marriage contracts. During the meeting, lawyer Atiba Miraabi outlined the legal ramifications of unrecorded contracts and explained the procedures required to complete the registration. Atiba also touched on the social problems that affect families and individuals in the Lebanese and Syrian refugees communities as a result. For his part, Sheikh Bahaadinne Salam stressed in his intervention the significance and need to record marriage contracts. He warned that “not doing so could lead to major losses in rights for women, their partners, children and the whole family, and can bring about undesirable legal, social and human problems,” as he said. (Al Mustaqbal, March 3, 2016)


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