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Milk producers confront the aftermath of the food security campaign


Despite measures put in place by the Ministry, since three weeks ago, in order to protect milk producers and set the price of one kilogram of milk at LBP 1,100, milk farmers are facing now a new crisis, as demand for their products plummeted from 30 to 12 tons daily following the decisions of the Ministry of Public Health to closed down a number of dairy products factories, which did not comply with sanitary criteria.  In addition, still-operating dairy factories have exploited this opportunity to force a drop in the sales price of one kilogram of milk to LBP 900.
As such, milk producers organised, yesterday, a sit in during which they blocked the international road and spilled milk on the road to express their anger.  The milk producers called on the concerned officials to move fast to help this sector from impending losses and to alleviate the impact on hundreds of families who depend on milk production and cows rearing as their main source of livelihood.
Source: Al-Akhbar, Al-Nahar 8 December 2014

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