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#Min Felten# campaign for tougher sanctions against women aggressors


In partnership with the ministry of state for women’s affairs, NCLW, and with funding from the Dutch and British Embassies in Lebanon and the Norwegian People Aid, ABAAD organization launched the #ShameOnWho# Min Felten campaign on the occasion of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, 2018. The campaign which started on Saturday with text messages to the Lebanese from a “felteneh” asking “who is felten?” has sparked uproar on social media networks and was followed by messages containing the answer, “punish the rapist, don’t lay the blame on the survivor”. This ran concurrently with a video released by ABAAD on rape and violence against women. For more on the subject, the founder and director of the organization, Ghida Anani, explained that the objective of the campaign is to press for tougher penalties and speed up trials against culprits in cases of sexual violence and rape in particular, and to change social notions that stigmatize female rape victims pushing them to keep the assaults secret. It also seeks to create a sympathetic public opinion that condemns the act of rape as a crime punishable by deterrent punishment, and urge victims to exercise their rights by speaking up and reporting the rapists/perpetrators up to bringing them to justice. (An Nahar, Al Akhbar, November 6, 2018)

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