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Minister calls for developing industry, boosting made-in-Lebanon exports


The minister of industry, Imad Hubbalah, said during a meeting on May 17 for the board of the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), that the latter is one of the leading productive institutions economically and scientifically. Disclosing the government’s plan to support and expand national industry, Hobbalah stressed that the IRI is capable of backing-up this new line of attack through strengthening collaboration with the economic sector, mainly industry. On the occasion, IRI director, Bassam Furn, gave a thorough chronological presentation of the Institute’s activities during 2019, expounding on the current situation. He explained the reasons behind the receding services during the first four months of 2020 due to a decline in the volume of imports and exports, as well as a result of the ongoing economic downturn. Nonetheless, Hubbalah maintained that the IRI sustained the best services for stakeholders and industrialists. On the other hand, the minister last week toured a number of drug plants and pharmaceuticals in the country. His first leg of the tour was Pharmaline in Nahr Ibrahim where he hailed the industry’s vigor and persistence, voicing his pride in medicines manufacturing in Lebanon. He pledged that pharmaceutical plants will be allowed to export to the Arab world and world countries. (Al Diyar, An Nahar, May 14, 19, 2020)

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