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Ministerial committee for food security, cooperation with Germany in food industries


The head of the Association for the Importers and Traders of Agricultural Production Requirements in Lebanon, head of the Agriculture Committee at Lebanon’s Chamber, Michel Akl, held a press conference yesterday under the theme, ‘The impact of public debt and banking measures on the agricultural sector in Lebanon’. Akl pointed out that past economic policies have long relinquished the national productive sectors, and at the same time, did not revise or upgrade trade agreements, hence causing a decline in investments in productive sectors of commodities and services while boosting interests. The work of the agriculture ministry in the wake of the cabinet’s winning confidence should focus on restoring the role of agriculture within the national economic cycle and the provision of food security for all of Lebanon, Akl maintained. For his part, the director general of the ministry of agriculture, Louis Lahud, disclosed that a committee for food security has been formed by the current minister of agriculture and culture, Abbas Mortada. On the other hand, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Tripoli and the North, Toufic Dabousi, met yesterday with a delegation of the German Agency for International Development (GIZ). Agreement was reached to put into practice priorities that underpin GIZ’s prospects in food industries, especially in the milk, apple and olive sectors. (Al Diyar, February, 5, 6, 2020)

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