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The Ministry of Labor rejects the creation of a trade union for migrant domestic workers


Following the Conference held a day ago to create the trade union of migrant domestic workers (view related news on:, the Ministry of Labor officially announced yesterday its total rejection of this matter which it considers to be illegal.  According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Labor, “there are unofficial parties which have been trying for weeks to set up a syndicate for migrant domestic workers”, “the Ministry was always a pioneer in highlighting the issues of concern to migrant domestic workers”, the statement also adds that”modern laws will resolve problems in this sector and not the creation of groupings under the guise of trade union which is likely to create further problems”.  According to the same statement, the current Minister is presently studying the issue of sponsorship (kafala) and he has already taken concrete steps to improve the conditions of migrant domestic workers which were included in a special law for migrant workers which he has referred to the Cabinet.  The said law petition is inspired, according to the same statement, by the standards stipulated in international convention number 189 endorsed by the ILO regarding the rights of migrant domestic workers.
(Source: As-Safir, Al-Diyar, Al-Akhbar & Annahar 27 January, 2015)


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