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A model Arab law for women domestic workers || Newspapers (Arabic)


According to Human Rights Watch, one woman migrant worker (WMW) dies every week in Lebanon while 56% work more than 12 hours a day.  According to the same source, 21% of WMWs are subjected to physical violence and 31% are detained at home.  According to Kafa association, 80% of WMWs are not allowed to go out for a day off whilst 88% report having their passports confiscated.  In order to address this situation, the Jordanian Women Union, Amel Association and the Arab Women’s Organization in Cairo developed a model law to regulate and protect migrant women workers in Arab countries.  This was the key output of a workshop that was held in Alexandria last week (c.f. Civil organisations advocate the rights of migrant domestic workers in Arab countries dated: 15 January 2013)

The workshop was attended by representatives of Justice and Labor Ministries in addition to general security and employment institutions as well as the ILO and a number of CSOs and experts in the field.  The law proposal will be submitted to the Arab League of States to be discussed and adopted all throughout the Arab world.

In Lebanon, the discussions continues between various NGOs as well as the Justice and Labor Ministries in addition to the ILO and general security in order to review and submit to Parliament this proposed law which seeks to address all forms of violence, exploitation and trafficking that migrant women workers endure and ensure their protection.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Safir 30 January 2013

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