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Mooneh bazaar to strengthen women's role in sustainable rural development


The Chamber of Commerce in Saida and South Lebanon inaugurated jointly with UNDP an exhibition of home made traditional Mooneh and handicraft. The event which was held on December 1st, included more than 100 organisations involved in the production of Mooneh and handicrafts in Saida and South Lebanon. The said event will go on until December 4th and is under the auspices of the Minister of Economy and Trade, Raed Khouri, represented by DG Alia Abbas. In her keynote address, Abbas said that this exhibition is key in supporting rural producers and in introducing their products to consumers. She also added that such activities invigorate the economy especially in rural areas especially by bridging the gap between producers and consumers and supporting farmers in staying in their land. Abbas also highlighted the importance of such initiatives in strengthening the role of women in sustainable rural development via linking the private and public sectors as well as protecting the role of women in the management of natural resources. According to Abbas, women's economic empowerment should be a priority of policies and programmes seeking to support agricultural development as well as the economy. Abbas finally said that this is further justified by the fact that women's agricultural productions are a key catalyst of the economy as well as a main source of livelihoods in rural areas. Ad Dyar, Al Mustaqbal, December 2nd, 2017)

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