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A Moroccan novelist links moral liberalization to women’s emancipation


The author Lina Kannush stated, in an article published in Al-Akhbar today’s newspaper, that the essentialist tendency of the Moroccan novelist Leila Suleimany was taking over again. Ms. Kannush clarified that, as a response to a defeatist text published by “Le Monde” newspaper and signed by a collective of 100 women under the title of “The freedom to harass” (c.f:, Ms. Suleimany wrote an article characterized with narcissism under the title of “You were born a pig”. The novelist drew the features of a new cultural essentialist class, while carrying the banner of a feminism that is unique to a petty bourgeoisie. Ms. Kannush added, “Although both texts defend freedom’s negative outlook that ignores the concrete reality, to become as such the unique path towards moral “liberalization” as a basis for emancipation, Suleimany’s article reproduces a cultural essentialist discourse”. Ms. Kannush also reiterated some questions that were asked by Leila in her article, including “Will the women walking in the streets of Cairo, New Delhi, Lima, Mosul, Kinshasa and Casablanca worry due to the absence of seduction and chivalry? Do they themselves have the right, to seduce, choose, and harass?”, while clarifying that it was these miserable women that were confined within their societies and suffocated from moral restrictions, that were waiting for these pioneers ranting about women’s emancipation to eradicate them from their misery and put them on the road to pleasure that no inhibition can reach. Kannush continued “Hence, Leila Suleimany, this false rebel equipped with the French media’s praise, is declaring her obedience to the uppish progressive discourse that creates a strict causal rapport between moral liberalization and emancipation, then subsequently progress”, and said Ms. Suleimany was promoting a narcissistic individualism for pleasure (for more information about the article, please see: (Al-Akhbar, February 1st, 2018).

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