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Moroccan woman in favor of normalization with Israel honored in Beirut


In its issue of today, Al Akhbar newspaper drew attention to the honoring on March 9 in Beirut by the Arab Development Council for Women and Business of Moroccan poet Boushrail Shaoui who supports normalizing ties with Israel. Al Akhbar wrote that on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Council honored 20 Arab women, including Shaoui, in a ceremony under the title, ‘Fingerprint of a female leader’ that was attended by Lebanese political dignitaries. The honoring would have passed unnoticed had it not been for the statement issued by the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization exposing Shaoui as an expert in promoting normalization. Her campaigning, the statement clarified, is not limited to endorsing (unfounded) dialogue between the murderer and his victim and the “noble” call for “peace”, but her shameless visit to Israel. Shaoui, the statement said, headed a delegation of the Berber-Jewish Friendship Association in 2017 which visited Israel and held meetings with Israeli politicians. In its condemnation statement, the Observatory described the honoring as a suspicious scheme on the part of the Council, wandering, ‘how can a staunch supporter of normalization with Israel be honored in the capital of resistance, Beirut?’ Subsequently, the Council issued a statement yesterday announcing its decision to strip Shaoui of her award, in keeping with its ‘commitment’ to its national and Arab affiliation. The full article can be found on the following link: (Al Akhbar, March 13, 2019)

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