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MOSA adopts a new information program to target the poorest families


The representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), Jean Mrad, convened a press conference yesterday during which he introduced the new MOSA information program entitled "7ala to target the poorest families" and which is being implemented in collaboration with the World Bank within the framework of the social action plan SAP put in place by the Lebanese government back in May 2006 during the Paris 3 conference.  Mrad added that this new program will help the government in rationalising support by adopting an information system which determines the poverty level of families and assess their socio economic situation through a combination of some 62 indicators drawn from a representative of each family while bypassing income levels. He went on to explain that income per se cannot be used as a sufficient indication of family wellbeing in a country like Lebanon.  Mrad added that the project adopts a social and economic assessment of every family according to an objective and transparent methodology which is calculated numerically by the programme and thus gives priority to families suffering from difficult social and economic circumstances.
According to the MOSA official, families wishing to adhere to the programme should submit an application at the MOSA social development centres in the areas where they live.  Following that, social investigator will visit the family to fill out a questionnaire to gather more information.  Mrad also noted that assistance to families will be drawn from the Government budget allocation to the programme and which total USD 28.2 million for the period extending between 2012 and 2014.
Source: Al-Akhbar, Al-Mustaqbal 13 March 2014

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