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Mother jailed for refusing to hand child to father, women trafficking ring busted


As violence against women continues unabated, the head of the bailiff department at Jwaya court, end of October sentenced Rita Choucair for 3 months in prison for declining to hand over her child Adam, who refused to leave her and go with his father. The court argued that the mother had to convince her 5-year old son to stay with his father, stressing that she was responsible for the consequences. It should be noted, that Rita said she was willing to hand her son many times to the legal officer but the child did not want. On the other hand, the defendant M. A claimed during the interrogation session before the military court on October 30, that his brother in law Mohamad A used to beat his sister every day since their marriage 14 years ago, and later sold her for sex. It started when he sent her to bring a sum of money from a man who forced her to have sex in order to get the money. In a related instance, according to a judicial statement, the Anti-Human Trafficking Department received information about a group of foreign prostitutes at a number of Lebanese hotels. A notification was broadcast on two websites to this end, which led to uncovering the ring with the help of an informant. The info revealed that the procurer is a Russian woman who exploits sex workers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. (AL Mustaqbal, Al Akhbar, October 31, November 2, 3, 2018)

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