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MoU between Labor and ESCWA for creating women’s jobs


The caretaker minister of labor, Lamia Yammine, and ESCWA Executive Secretary, Rola Dashti, yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at strengthening the capacities of labor ministry employees. Yammine, on the occasion, stated that the MoU is the beginning of a real partnership between the labor ministry and the ESCWA with the aim to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the provision of jobs, the enhancement of the skills of the ministry’s workforce and the delivery of studies, research, programs and training assistance to facilitate the arrival at above goals. Yammine said that ESCWA will support the ministry’s plan to integrate people with special needs in the labor market through the provision of decent work, in collaboration with civil society and concerned parties. The minister disclosed that the MoU will be time indefinite and will involve two workshops that start early in October on the vital role of digital and communication technology in recruitment and in the creation of new employment prospects for youth and women. They also involve the assessment of the labor ministry’s performance and capacity building of its employees, as well as the provision of scientific tools to evaluate productivity in public institutions. (Al Diyar, September 11, 2020)

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