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MP Dima Jamali returns to the Legislature


The Future Bloc member, MP Dima Jamali, won yesterday in the Tripoli bi-elections with a total of 1,387 votes, in a voter turnout of 12.55%, according to a statement by interior minister, Raya Hassan. Recalling, that 6 nominees ran for the Tripoli elections, including Jamali, and these are: Yahya Mawloud (3313 votes), Misbah Ahdab (2520 votes), Omar Sayyid (2161 votes), Nizar Zakka (514 vptes) and Talal Mhamad Kabara (305 votes). It is worth mentioning, that the Constitutional Council annulled on February 21 the election of Jamali and announced the seat, reserved for a Sunni, vacant according to the majority voting system after the appeal by rival candidate of the Mashari’ Charity organization, Taha Naji (c.f: On the other hand, An Nahar newspaper attributed the modest participation in the voting yesterday for many reasons, notably, that the result is almost decided in favor of Dima Jamali. The latter has received the support of a broad coalition, including the Future Movement, former PM Najib Miqati and former ministers Mohammed Safadi and Ashraf Rifi, combined with the anger of Tripoli residents over the deteriorating living conditions. All this, An Nahar wrote, has decreased the participation in clear protest over the entire political class. An Nahar, Al Diyar, April 15, 2019)

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