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MP Tabsh submits My Nationality Campaign law proposal


The Future Movement MP, Rula Tabsh submitted yesterday a proposal for amending the Nationality Law giving Lebanese women the right to confer nationality to their children. In this respect, My Nationality Is a Right For Me And My Family Campaign lauded Tabsh’s move and promised to not allow any exceptions or conditionality to overstep equality between the Lebanese citizens, men and women. The Campaign recalled a meeting on June 19, 2018 during which it handed its draft law to Tabsh, noting that the latter had committed to the proposal and to the principles of gender equality and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. The Campaign clarified that currently, there are two proposals to this effect in the Legislature, the first filed by MP Hadi Abul Hissen on May 16, 2018, and the second by Tabsh on May 14, 2019. (For the full text of the draft bill referred by Tabsh, visit the following link: (: On the other hand, An Nahar newspaper reminded its readers today of the appeal made at the State Shura Council by the deputies of the Lebanese Forces and the Socialist Progressive Party to revoke the naturalization decree signed Minister on May 11, 2018 by the President of the Republic and the Prime (, which still remains in the drawers of the Council. Noting, that the said decree has sparked a wide controversy for including Palestinian and Syrian names to be considered for naturalization ( (An Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, May 15, 2019)

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