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Murderer of British diplomat, Rebecca Dykes, sentenced to death


Mount Lebanon Criminal Court, headed by Judge Mohamad Wissam Mortada, pronounced its verdict in the case of rape and murder of British diplomat Rebecca Dykes, on January 16, 2017 (: Tarek Samir Houshieh, (born in 1988) was sentenced to death after he was convicted of deliberate rape and premeditated killing of the victim. He was also fined with LBP 100 million in personal compensation to the father of the victim, noting that the sum will be allocated to the charitable foundation founded in Rebecca’s memory to help refugees and vulnerable host communities in the country. In this respect, the British Embassy in Lebanon welcomed the Court’s decision, while stressing the British government’s solid stand against capital punishment. The embassy also thanked the Lebanese authorities, individuals and organizations for their professional and sympathetic response to the murder. (Al Diyar, November 2, 2019)

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