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My Nationality Campaign denounces NCLW proposed discriminatory draft bill


The NCLW head, Claudine Aoun Rukuz, yesterday handed the prime minister, Saad Hariri, a draft bill to approve the right of Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese to confer citizenship to their children. According to the proposal prepared by NCLW, nationality is granted only to minors who have not reached 18 at the time the law becomes effective. It excludes children aged 18 and above, who, by virtue of this draft bill, shall receive a green card that gives them civil, economic and social rights excepting the political rights and the right to property ownership and public office. The bill also notes that the holder of the green card, can, after five years of receiving it, be granted full Lebanese nationality if he/she meets certain conditions. (For more about the law, please check: In response to the above proposal, My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Familh Campaign commented on its Facebook page (, saying, the draft which originally seeks to address discrimination, clearly discriminates against Lebanese women by stressing inequality in rights between men and women in terms of conferring nationality to their children. The proposal, the Campaign added, supports exceptions and conditions that do not apply equally to Lebanese men, and it discriminates against the children of the Lebanese mother, eventually leaving children with a Lebanese citizenship and children with a green card! My Nationality is a Right for me and my family Campaign lamented that after the submission of two inclusive proposals that observe full equality to this effect, the NCLW draft law comes to exaggerate discrimination against Lebanese women and mothers. (Al Diyar, May 22, 2019)

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